Rihanna naked pictures

Naked RihannaIt now seems that the latest trend has also been to look for nude pictures of Rihanna, whom I guess is spelled in numerous ways, from Rihana with a single ‘n’, Rianna without the ‘h’, etc.

All in all, it’s once again quite easy to find pictures of (almost) nude Rihanna online : just turn to Flickr (courtesy of MiKeARB for the top-left picture).

So my test continues, linking pictures of almost nude models who rise to the top of Google searches. Want another one ? Here is one, courtesy of MikeARB once again :

Nude Rihanna

The first few results of the ‘Naked Lady Gaga’ article are actually quite interesting : 20% increase of visits, similar reading time or viewing of sexy pictures of Lady Gaga (in the 30 seconds), and keywords corresponding to what you can see in Google Insights.

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