Lady Gaga naked, Lilly Allen nude, Miley Cyrus, etc.

Naked Megan FoxGoogle’s Insights for Search shows the rising searches for similar words to “naked”. Unsurprisingly, “Lady Gage naked” or “Nude Lilly Allen” fare well and can be seen at the top of the rising searches in the past 3 months. Looking back at the 12 months period, you’ll see desperate searches Sarah Palin naked (US elections obviously boosted her popularity, before she disappeared from the radar, or “Miley Cyrus naked” - I actually had to look for Miley Cyrus, unaware of her celebrity before discovering that she’s a 16-year old singer… people must really be desperate when looking for pictures of her on the Internet !

Well it’s at the same time true that you may find quite a number of “interesting” images of almost naked Lady Gage, considering it’s her selling “advantage”. Here is one found on Flickr, courtesy of flugger (creative commons license) :

Lady Gaga naked

At the very least, Insights for Search allows you to get a sneak peek at what people are looking for - and most often, they are sexy singers, or TV / movie actresses, like Kim Kardashian (never heard of her), Jennifer Aniston, and if you look back even further in time, Vanessa Hudgens.

This post is in fact part of a series of experiments on how much the word “naked” will trigger visits from people searching for this term, or for close searches. This started off with looking at the similar searches suggested by Google on “Ségolène Royal nue”, which then showed a huge increase in visits to this site. I’ll give a look at how this post succeeds in bringing the traffic figures even higher, and the corresponding level of advertising revenue.

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